About Us

sumayyah and animals


Our goal in starting Poof Poofs by Sumayyah is to provide a space for Sumayyah to develop business knowledge while learning all the in and outs of running a business. As young as one Sumayyah was out doing events with her mom’s business. She was excited to be out there meeting others and learning about how to promote the product. We decided to start poof poofs because all little girls love accessories. It is a simple product that will provide a space for Sumayyah to create her business, be financially sustainable and have fun in the process. Sumayyah loves to be involved in every aspect of the business. So if you see a few extra stickers or drawing that will be her special touch to packaging your poofs.

Poof poofs by sumayyah are for all ages. We have a variety of poofs, clips, bows. You can find something for yourself,  your child, and even your grandmother. Hair accessories have been around for centuries it’s nothing new.  We are here to provide you with the tools to create styles that you will love. All little girls love to dress up, look like mommy. All mommies, no matter how much we deny it, want to spoil our little girls. Dress them up. Put them in hairstyles that we grew up with. Do you remember the one-sided ponytail? That was my mom’s favorite. Before when I looked back at the pictures I thought it was ridiculous. But it’s the memories that I grew to love. I’m looking forward to recreating that look on Sumayyah. Let’s start shopping!!! Click on the button to shop for all the styles.